Sunday, December 9, 2007

That's it, I'm pissed!

I bought a laptop from Dell last summer. Actually, I bought 3 laptops from Dell last summer.

The first one was delivered to the wrong address, and the bitch there stole it. DHL is obviously hiring fucking idiots - yeah, 200 East My Street looks just fucking like 526 East My Street. Stevie Tart, the bitch who stole it, told me to my face, "Oh, yeah, someone already came by, said they were you and took it," when I went to pick it up from her. I told DHL they owed me a laptop and was told to take it up with Dell. I went to the cop shack to report a stolen laptop and was told, "Oh, the guy you need to talk to is out of town right now, but he'll give you a call when he gets back." Well, that's been six & a half months now and no fucking call. Guess it's not important enough for them to give a fuck.

The second one, I called Dell, told them the first one had been mis-delivered and to go ahead and make me a new one. Now, I didn't figure this would take long, since it'd taken them six days from the time I ordered the first one to the time the bitch up the street stole it. After three fucking weeks I found out they'd fucking canceled it without bothering to tell me.

The third one, finally, after another three weeks, showed up. Cue happy dance.

Now, the thing that's really got me pissed. I make my payments online, and when I was online making the latest payment, I saw that they'd bumped my credit limit by $500.00. "Cool," thought I, "now I can order some stuff I can really use." So I drew up a short shopping list & sent it off, only to be told, "You can't do that, you don't have that much in your credit limit."

What the fuck? Upon checking my credit limit, I find that they did, indeed, bump my credit limit by $500 - from $1500 to $2000. I also see that I currently owe $1412.79. So I should have $587.21, right? Wrong! I have $116.49 available to me. There's $470.72 off in fucking limbo or something.

And now for the capper: I emailed Dell, asking what was up and where this missing $470.72 was. Today, just for giggles, I checked my account again, and they've found a home for that missing $470.72: they tacked it onto my current balance! That's right, in 24 hours, without making a single successful purchase (as confirmed by my account page on Dell), my current balance has gone from $1412.79 to $1883.51.

That's why I'm pissed. These fuckers are trying to jerk me around for almost $500, and I'm not going to fucking take it. If they don't get this straightened out, I'm going to do my level best to return the laptop and get back the $1883.51 they claim I owe. While I'm at it, I'll see if I can get back some or all of the $300 or so in payments I've made to date. If they can't get their shit straightened out, this'll be the last piece of shit I buy from these cocksuckers.

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